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Weingut Mantlerhof

The winery Mantlerhof is situated in the municipality of Gedersdorf, close to the river Kamp right before it merges with the Danube. In the west one may see the lights of the city Krems, east one may glimpse the towers of Grafenegg. If you draw closer to the traditional winery you’ll arrive at the village center of Brunn im Felde. In the midst of this village lies a lovely pond, at the western side of this pond is an old manor with an early classicist facade. This old manor is called “Mantlerhof” a small family owned winery with long history. Family Mantler worked the Mantlerhof for over 200 years and roots it’s winemaking hertiage back till 1365. We work 15ha of vineyards, where we produce long-lasting organic wines. Our focus lies on Grüner Veltliner and Roter Veltliner. We do also produce Riesling and Neuburger, both varieties we are very passionate about. We also tend to 70ha of agriculture.

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